CRA Error Codes

CRA Error Codes provide preparers with information about why a record is not accepted. They are useful in determining the correct action that needs to be taken. A common problem with the CRA website is when you get an error code that says, “Your access has been locked.” This can happen because of many different reasons. One is if your EFILE number and password are incorrect or the software package is not approved. Another reason is that the CRA servers are too busy. In such cases, the best thing to do is try again later when the servers are less busy.

If you’re filing your return online and if you’re getting the following error code: CER.010, it means that the CRA server is down and you can’t submit your return. To fix this, try again in a few hours or so when the CRA’s servers are less busy. Alternatively, you can also check for any maintenance issues on the CRA’s website.

CRA Account is Locked

If a taxpayer’s account is locked, the CRA will send an email or letter to them with instructions on how to regain access. This preventative measure ensures that impacted individuals’ account information remains secure.

The CRA’s advisory reiterated that this is not an isolated incident and these proactive suspensions may become more frequent in the future as third-party data breaches that lead to stolen login information being sold on illegal online marketplaces continue to rise. “This is a safe and reasonable way to protect the personal information of our taxable clients,” said the agency in a statement.

For some impacted individuals, the CRA’s advice will include a link that allows them to contact an EFILE help desk for more information. In other cases, the CRA will provide more specific details on how to gain access again. The CRA advises anyone who is experiencing this problem to double-check their EFILE number, Web access code, and password, as well as their file name and location.

A taxpayer who is experiencing this issue can also try using a different browser. For example, they can go to the Safari menu and select Preferences if they are using Safari. This will allow them to clear the cookies and site data. The CRA’s website goes through regular maintenance, so it’s important to try filing when the site is less busy.

Occasionally, the CRA’s website experiences maintenance issues due to a high traffic volume or hardware malfunction. If this occurs, the CRA’s servers will go down for a short period of time. If this happens, you can use a different browser or wait for a few hours to try again.

CRA ACC-010 error

CRA ACC-010 error

Another common problem is when you get a CRA ACC-010 error that says your date of entry does not match the CRA’s records. If this is the case, then you should contact CRA to correct it. In addition, you should use a valid email address when filing your return.

The CRA is currently working to help ensure its accounts are secure, especially as hackers continue using stolen MyCRA login information to access taxpayers’ personal information online and steal their money. As part of this effort, the agency will now send a message to impacted individuals if their CRA account is suspended. This will include a link to instructions on how to regain their login information.

However, if you’re worried that your CRA login has been compromised, the agency advises you to change your password and other login details. In addition, the CRA recommends that you sign up for two-step verification. The two-step verification process uses your smartphone or other mobile device to verify your identity when you log into the CRA’s site. This helps to protect your personal information from unauthorized users and prevents fraud.

During the month of February, CRA notified thousands of Canadians that their login information had been revoked due to suspicious activity. It also warned that this kind of proactive suspension may become more frequent as a result of third-party data breaches. The agency said that it would not disclose the amount of people whose information was affected but did confirm that it was based on a small number of incidents.

Those impacted by the new CRA security measures will receive an error message if they try to login to their MyCRA account. They will also receive a letter in the mail with instructions on how to regain their login information.

Security of CRA Account

Security of CRA Account

Last month, CRA warned that the login information of some 30,000 Canadian taxpayers had been compromised. The agency said it was proactively suspending their online accounts and services because of a growing number of third-party data breaches leading to stolen login credentials sold on the dark web. Individuals with impacted accounts will receive an error message when they try to log in that will provide instructions on how to regain access. This preventative measure will be “a regular part of CRA’s security practices,” the agency said in a statement.

The agency also promised to review its messaging after it caused significant consternation in February when a cryptic email notified affected taxpayers that their CRA account had been locked.

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